About Us

We started designing and producing coins in 2011. Based on our passion for gaming, mythology, and pop culture, our initial vision was to create collectible coins inspired by characters from these genres.

While this idea was brewing, we began designing custom challenge coins for military units, police, fire, schools, corporate clients, professional sports teams, and movie studios. This grew rapidly and took most of our attention. This is still an important part of our business which we run separately from Goliath Coins.

In 2016, we started producing gaming coins that used a unique spinning mechanic. We created our unique brand, known as Dice Coins, and they were initially launched on Kickstarter. Since then, we have sold over 43,000 Dice Coins.  People all around the world know us as the creators of Dice Coins.

During this time, we also experimented with various types of gaming/collectible coins.

In 2021, we started the process of creating our brand of collectible coins which we called Goliath Coins.  This was the culmination of our initial vision, passion, and coin designing experience. 

Goliath Coins were released in early 2022 to the mass market with an initial focus on fantasy and mythology coins.

Almost immediately afterwards, we started obtaining licenses for popular pop culture properties and continue to add licenses each month. You can read about the latest ones in our News section.




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