Front of Wizard Goliath Coin

Goliath Coins are collectible display coins. They are incredibly detailed, large metal coins, that feature characters from gaming, mythology, and pop culture. They can also be used as game markers, first player tokens, game props, deck toppers, and card guards.

Front of Dragon Goliath Coin

The back of each coin has different art than the front. Both sides feature sculpted 3D artwork with deep dimensional depth. Goliath Coins are plated in antique gold, antique silver, or antique copper. Due to the nature of antique plating, the shades may vary from coin to coin.

Goliath Coins Size Comparison

Goliath Coins are 2.25 inches in diameter, weigh almost 3 ounces, and are about 5 mm thick. They are made from a solid zinc alloy.

Front of Phoenix Goliath Coin

Goliath Coins are an affordable collectible that will last generations. They are truly unique and there is nothing else like them.

Goliath Coin on Stand

Each coin comes with a display stand.

Stand for Goliath Coins

Stand comes in two pieces. Assemble like an X.


Customer Feedback

I got my paladin coin. This thing had no business being as awsome as it is. TY


These coins look amazing! The level of detail is astounding. They’re so deep they almost feel like dioramas. Incredible work!

Eric Serviss

And I must say the coin (dragon) is friggin fantastic. It instantly put all my coins to shame. Thank you very much I am very pleased. Great job.


I just got my Goliath Coin, and wow – it is indeed! Fantastic Phoenix design and quite some heft. Well done!

Sean Jones

The Goliath Coins are fantastic. They are lovely and well-proportioned works of, yes, RPG art! The dragon and phoenix are so amazingly detailed on both sides.

John Corbally

Absolutely blown away. Truly amazing work. Thank you!


I got my coin yesterday. Amazing! Makes me want to buy more!

William DeMarco

They're gorgeous. And they are just as awesome as they looked in the pictures.

Russ Morrissey (Owner Enworld)

These coins are so cool I absolutely love them. Great job!

Scott Harvey

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